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Mercedes is a Soul Whisperer; passionate apprentice of the mysteries of existence and a firm believer in the alchemy of art. She aspires to accompany other active visionaries in their unique path to greatness, and help them develop the necessary tools and conviction to become inspiring leaders and fulfilled human beings.

Mercedes sees beauty and depth as poetic seeds in a journey to personal exploration and transformation were  progress equals wonder, reverence and gratitude.

As Soul Activist she advocates for an artistic vision of our gifts, challenges and achievements. She believes the qualities and mastery inherent to any creative process can forge a presence that sparks with the eternal in us and enriches life with the many expressions humanness beholds.

Possibility and potential are significant words in Mercedes’s daily work, building upon different fields of research and experience, she develops tools to shape lives and support people in Becoming masters creators and leaders.

Whether you work for a cause, thrive on interdisciplinary teams or simply believes in the ability to design your life on purpose, do not hesitate to contact her. You can check her BIO and professional CV in Linked-In.