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Somewhere within, the potential for the impossible exists
Always whispering and calling for us to follow
In a non-linear, but organic way, life breathes and
Walks us through a maze of choices slowly unveiling its pieces…
Our essence carries the Universe’s power of multidimensionality and expansion
It feeds on Faith growing in the fields of uncertainty and the unknown
Defying the visible, the invisible takes over
At its own time and rhythm
Our Soul print emerges
We are One with All
We flow then, carried by awe and the mystery of existence
Love, stands tall
A glimpse of Eternity…
And back again, hand by hand with Fear
Retracing our path to Divinity
While embracing our human fragility

I believe we come to this plane of existence with a blue print of what we are meant to be. In the process of growing, we might forget to remember our origin, and instead of listening, we bury our essence in the many layers of day-to-day living that can turn life into just minutes, hours and years.

The Universe makes SOUL instead…

Every flower, human being, star, creature, stone, miracle… everything is a witness of the power of becoming.


Soul- making is Remembering, is navigating the layers of experience to uncover that place in which we ARE… Soul- Making is the journey of “Becoming”… Deep, intense, in movement, fully alive…

The Wave of Transformation take many shapes. I look to conjugate the experience of BECOMING into a multidisciplinary-sensorial paint-sculpture creative journey, were art is an active experience that can be touched, walked, listened and even changed.

Art and life are a multidimensional recreation of the symbolic way in which the soul speaks and expresses the beauty and wisdom of the Universe we inhabit and within.

We live many lives and journal more than the Universe we think we know; I don’t care how many there are, or if I understand or not. I just want to make sure I don’t miss a thing in the time a got.