“Greatness is a road toward something that is unknown.”
Charles de Gaulle


I have the deep conviction that in every human being there is  a dormant seeds of greatness awaiting to bloom.

We are creative creatures by nature, gifted with the potential and the capacity to love, imagine and wonder. Each of us bear invaluable talents to contribute to the world. These gifts mature with the patient and devoted care of their guardian, your inner wisdom or soul, and the generous and respectful contribution of loved ones, guides, and teachers.

Teaching For Greatness™  is a space for an archaeological excavation of these gifts and hints our Higher Self is constantly communicating to us.   It is a place to defy limiting conceptions of reality and who we are and move into visions of the possible.

TFG seeks to inspire young and old heroes to sketch life with the colors and rhythm of our deepest dreams and build a bridge between consciousness and our beautiful and imperfect humanity.



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