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A world where soulful living, interconnection and “Becoming” are sacred and we come together as one with all existence.


To restore and nurture the spiritual dimension in education and lead social change through empowering soul-making experiences and compassionate strategies.


Teaching for Greatness acknowledges our rich cultural heritage and the power embedded in the arts and humanities to answer to profound existential and social questions. TFG uses an open-ended multidisciplinary approach for creative and meaningful exploration of our inner lives and its bearings in our personal and professional perspectives of success and well-being.


I believe…

There is a seed of greatness in every human being
Every life has a purpose and carries a soul compass to bring it to fruition
Every child has the right to dream and act upon those dreams

I believe…

Self-awareness and self-compassion are indispensable for fulfillment
Inner connection fosters deep connections with the other and our environment
In the unlimited potential and beauty of the human soul and an enduring life designed by choice
Inner peace and wholehearted living are the cornerstones for global peace

I believe the arts & Humanities…

Hold the keys to our core essence and shared humanity
Transcend our cultural differences and help us cultivate empathy.
Provide us with clues to understand the symbolic language of the invisible in us and in our world
Facilitate practical ways to make the ordinary, extraordinary

Standards of Integrity

Education is acknowledging and caring deeply for the inner lives of our students and supporting them in their journey of “BEcoming”

The arts & humanities are powerful change makers. They foster integral and visionary leadership and nurture the many dimensions that stand for engaged and integral human beings

Global Impact

To create and develop far-reaching and inspirational artwork and soul-making educational models, embracing an inclusive and multidimensional perspective on the subject of “Being-Human.”

Main Objective

To develop a versatile life toolkit of best practices and soul-making resources deeply ingrained in self-awareness, values, and strengths that empower wholehearted engagement with self and the world.

General Objectives

  • To provide tangible experiences of authentic relating and finding flow
  • To provide a safe and inclusive space for hearing and honoring constituent voices and invite the emergence of a personal vision grounded in one’s calling and gifts.
  • To foster a growth mindset and provide an environment open to all learning styles.
  • To inspire curios, independent and successful learners
  • To develop reasoning and problem-solving skills filled with creative energy and passion.
  • To provide confidential and non-judgmental spaces for participants to feel safe and supported.